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Day 1 of Festival of learning July 17,2017

AURO University organized 2 weeks Orientation Programme "Festival of Learning". It commenced with a session by the Honorable Vice Chancellor Dr. Avadhesh Kumar Singh, Dr. Vladimir Yatsenko, and Mr. Lalit Bhati. An inspiring session on “Success Stories” was conducted by Mr. Parag Shah. Each speaker shared his success stories and sensitized students about the challenges faced in their personal and professional front. They also emphasized a lot on honesty, dedication and commitment towards their people who work for them. Image Gallery

Day 2 of Festival of learning July 18,2017

Day 2 Started with the Introduction of Schools. The respective heads of different schools introduced their schools, faculties, rules and teaching pedagogy to its students. The day had many sessions such as "art of cooking" conducted by Chef Jennifer, physical activities(Ms. Jahanvee Ichchhaporia), creativity (Mr. Abhishek Jain), theatre( Banjara Theatre), ice-breaking( Ms. Payal and Ms. Ritika),storytelling( Dr. Vladimir Yatesenko and Mr. Ajit Rao,Auro Ville), a talk on sustainability by Mr. Lalit Bhati (Auro Ville) and a heritage walk with Bhamini Mehta(Chief Curator, Science Centre) to give students an experiential learning. Image Gallery

Day 3 of Festival of learning July 19,2017

Day 3 started with a motivating talk from Mr. Neeraj Choksi about leadership qualities followed with a panel discussion on "Digital Footprints" moderated by very witty Mr. Siddharth Bhatnagar. The panelists included Dr. Deepak Rajyaguru, Chairman, Vibrant International Academy; Ms. Sumita Shah, Director - Tapti Valley School; Mr. Sanjay Mehta, CEO, L. P. Savani School and Ms. Kekul Vikas, Director, Millennium School. Followed with the experiential learning activities of cooking, ice breaking, and theatre, story-telling, physical activities, creativity, Heritage Walk and pecha kuccha. Image Gallery

Day 4 of Festival of learning July 20,2017

Day 4 of Festival of learning – AURO University Rules and regulations are what ensures smooth functioning of any institution. The morning session started with heads of various important offices of the university informing students about general protocols and self-discipline to be observed. This was followed by Dr. Bhansali’s talk on how modern working life styles, especially those in an academic/office environment spending larger part of the day with computers and gadgets are at risk of serious muscular-skeletal injuries that could be debilitating on the long run and how they could be prevented. This was followed by various workshops that only institution engaged with integral and transformable education can envisage. The topics ranged from exploring one’s ‘within to without’, social to gastronomic, creativity to fun. Friends from Auroville conducted workshops on Hearing and Speaking (Ms. Shakti), Body awareness (Mr. Hans) and on Sustainable, farming practices (Mr. Krishna) who sought to bring a paradigm shift by seeking newer ways in which humanity at large could re-engage in its dialogue with the bountiful Mother Nature. Prof. Meghna Dangi discussed the process of habit forming while Ms. Rashi Bunny engaged with the idea of discovering the inner rhythm. Ms. Kamalika Bose tried to deconstruct and unearth various layers of our heritage and created a platform for vivid recall into our past. This was done by taking a walk in the old part of Surat city. Image Gallery

Day 5 of Festival of learning July 21,2017

Day 5 of the Festival of Learning began with a motivational talk ‘Forging ahead’ by Mr. Kiranjit Singh Pannu followed by Dr. Shamsher Singh’s entertaining speech on ‘Role of Youth’ and the history of law and justice system of the country. This was followed by continuation of Day-4 workshops only with a doubled enthusiasm, joy and spirit among the students. The additions to the already ongoing workshops were Ms. Ichchaporia’s ‘Being with the body’ which was a fun filled Zumba-Salsa session. Dr. Monika Suri’s workshop tried to instill confidence and positive approach and emphasized the importance of team spirit, mutual respect, kind reciprocity and symbiosis; values imbibed in students of AURO University committed to create future leaders of the nation. Image Gallery

Day 6 of Festival of learning July 24,2017

Day 6 of Festival of Learning @ AURO University Day 6 started by focusing on the importance of the Professional Approach to life by our esteemed guest speaker Mr. Sunil Ralph. The meaning of professionalism was explored and the discussion held on how to proceed towards the goals in a professional way. The next session had the introduction of all the members of the various student support systems in AURO University that was done by Dr. Rohit Singh and Mr. Ajay Yadav. The session was on ‘Faculty of Hearing and Speaking’ by Ms. Shakti. It focused on how the sound is made and the importance of sound in expressing ourselves. The 3 rd session was purely an activity based session where the students were introduced to the nature by involving them in farming by Mr. Krishna. The next session was held by Mr. Hans about how to relax body and mind in day to day life. This session was about creating awareness through the body. Session 5, by Aurelio was on Sound and healing through sound. Mr. Aurelio spoke about the sound, and its types. Mr. Sudeep talked about work attitude and the importance of these values in developing the approach towards work and other activities in life in the 6th session. The following session was conducted by internal faculty Mr. Ankit Baria, which was ice breaking session and the title was ‘Then and Now’. Session 8, by another internal faculty, Mr. Abhishek Jain was titled as ‘Creativity and You’. It immerses the students into an intensive session of art & creativity and explore about them-selves through the organic channels of drawing, craft, music, singing and interpersonal skills. Image Gallery

Day 7 of Festival of learning July 25,2017

Day 7 of Festival of Learning @ AURO University was started by Mr. Anand Naidu from Learning Management International, conducted a session on Success and Leadership. With real life examples, he explained the vrious dimensions of success and leadership to the new Auro’ietes who are on the threshold of their journey from learner to leader. The morning session was followed by Swami Vigyanand ji (Founder & Global Chairman of World Hindu Foundation (WHF)) who talked on Philosophy of Hindu Economy. Again, the next session was leaded by Mr. Sudeep who started by ice-breaking session and later explained about work attitude and the importance of these values in developing the approach towards work and other activities in life. Next two sessions were conducted by Ms.Shakti Balu by explaining how sound is produced and the difference between hearing and listening and continued with a game called &39;chinese Whisper&39;. The second half was started by relaxing music so that they can calm themselves. An internal faculty, Ms. Jahanvee Ichchhaporia, Assistant Director - Physical Education, took the session on “Being in the Body”. The session provided a comprehensive range of natural health solutions and practices to sustain great health. More creative session on Sketching, Painting and Sculpture was organized by Mr. Rajesh Sagara (Artist). He continued with another exciting activity Mata ni Pachadai. In the session healing with sound, Mr Aurielo made students aware of all the sounds around us that we listen to but easily ignore. he also tells us that how our bodies can create these various sounds and how mood and thinking is affected by what we hear. The following session was by Mr. Krishna, the session was purely an activity based session where the students were introduced to the nature by involving them in farming. Image Gallery

Day 8 of Festival of learning July 26,2017

Day 8 of Festival of Learning @ AURO University witnessed Mr. Mahadev Desai - Member (Board of Governors - AURO University) addressing the students and faculty on significance of reading in the making of a leader. He backed this talk with examples and also gave amazing figures about various leading nations and their reading habits. Next Prof. Satish Modh communicated around the topic of value based leadership citing examples. He beautifully connected the topic of Value with Leadership. Later on Ms. Shakti Balu delivered an interesting workshop on faculty of hearing and speaking. Ms.Shakti Balu continued by explaining how sound is produced and the difference between hearing and listening. The day also featured sessions by Mr. Sudeep Srivastava on "Fruitful Work Attitudes", Mr. Aurelio on "Sound and Healing through Sound", by Dr. Monika Suri on "Interpersonal Communication Skills", by Ms Vaibhavi and lastly by Mr. Rajesh Sagara on "Sketing, Painting and Sculpture" as well as on "Mata ni Pachadai". Image Gallery

Day 9 of Festival of learning July 27,2017

Day 9 of Festival of Learning @ AURO University witnessed Mr. Kaivalya Smart delivering a session on "Integral way of learning". He explained the awareness on consciousness and the way of living towards a happy life. Next we had our honorable vice chancellor Dr. Avadhesh Singh interacting with students and explaining them the meaning of "GURU Vandana" and other aspects related to Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Later on we had sessions conducted by Mr. Sudeep Srivastava and Subarna Ghosh on "Fruitful work attitudes", a session on "being in the body" by Ms. Jahanvee Ichchhaporia, session by Ms. Indrani Kundu and Prof. Deepu Krishna on "Understanding our environment and farming". The second half of the day saw sessions conducted by Aurelio on "Sound and Healing through sound", on "Hearing and Speaking" by Shakti, on "Farming perspectives" by Samir Parkar and Jagrut Rawal, and lastly by Prof. Vrushti on "Crime Scene Investigation". Image Gallery

Day 10 of Festival of learning July 28,2017

Day 10 of Festival of Learning @ AURO University - The first session of the day was “Futures of Careers & Economy” by Mr Gaurang Shah, President, Asset Management (Kotak Mahindra Group). Mr Shah spoke about the future of Indian economy. The session also had few insights on the growth rate, the population figures, the current capital account figures, etc. The session was followed by questions and answers by students. The next session “Learner to Leader” was by Dr Sudhir Andrews, Chairman, Advisory Board, School of Hospitality. He shared his vast experience with students and gave the pre-requisites of being an effective leader. The students were greatly inspired by his nuggets of wisdom. The day ended with an interactive session, “Response of Student Representatives. This session was conducted with the aim of getting objective and independent feedback of students who have been inducted in 2017 in various programs at AURO University. Dr Meghna Dangi, moderator of the Panel discussion first welcomed the students representing each program and initiated a Q&A round which students answered randomly. Image Gallery