Festival of Learning

Festival of Learning 2018- “Integral Inter / actions”

The following workshops were conducted on 4th August i.e. 10th day of Festival of Learning.

Mr. Indropromit Roy

Mr. Indropromit Roy talked about art and busted a few myths about art in a very simple manner. With many beautiful and exceptionally fitting pictures for his lecture, he discussed following 5 myths:

  1. “Art is beautiful”, but it can be spectacular, political, referential, suggestive and even controversial at times.
  2. That “Art is set of Skills”, buts a bundle of skills having no boundaries.
  3. That “there is a correct way of doing things”, but art itself is correct in all its ways and absolutely differ from one person to other.
  4. That “appreciating art doesn’t need a context”, but always has an intent, scope and purpose, which is required to understand the piece.
  5. That “images simply grow out of the artist’s imagination”, but it’s a mirror of life in their era.

Crime Scene Investigation – Dr. Vrushti

The students were divided into groups and asked to identify the murderer amongst various suspects. Later they were shown a very interesting video of the investigation made for the murder. Many students and faculties were the part of the video, which was made in-house. Later one indoor crime scene and one outdoor scene were created. The groups of students visited the crime scene where they had to identify the main culprit based on some clues. The activity focused on building observation and analytical skills as well as team building and time management skills in a fun way.

Knowing Life by Parimal Desai

Mr. Parimal Desai spoke on how to lead a happy life and develop a scientific approach towards achieving your goals. He emphasized how one person’s little act of art can make a huge impact on the life of others. He cited different rural and tribal area examples, wherein a change - costing negligible amount - brought about a high impact on the residents of those areas. He also discussed about the societal pressures that he himself has faced in the process of rehabilitating the riot kids.

Table Etiquettes by Sumant Sharma

The students were made to understand the difference between manners and etiquettes. Then they were taught about the various use of cutlery, glasses in a fine dining setup. This gave a beautiful perspective of how to conduct themselves in a fine dining set-up

Dance & Fun by Jalpa Modi

Ms. Jalpa Modi and her energetic team made the participants dance to the Bollywood Dance form. Towards the end of her dance routine, she opened the dance floor for the participants to join in for a quick Bhangra session which ensured that the participants had only smiles left to their faces.


In the supervision of Assistant Director, Sports Ms. Jahanvee Ichchhaporia, a Zumba session was conducted. It was bifurcated into three parts, warm up, cardio and muscular endurance.


One student from each of the seven schools were invited to share their feedback and take-away from the Festival of Learning. Winners of various talent hunt competitions organised during Festival of Learning were announced.

Dean academics Dr. Rohit Singh presented a report on all the ten days of Festival of Learning. The honourable vice chancellor Dr. Avadhesh Kumar Singh delivered the closing remarks and said that the valedictory session was not the end but the beginning of the actual Festival of Learning that would go on throughout the year in the classes and campus.