Festival of Learning

Festival of Learning 2018- “Integral Inter / actions”

The following workshops were conducted on 2nd August i.e. 9th day of Festival of Learning.

Zindagi jindadili ka naam hai – Mrs. Maharukh Z. Chichgar & Yazdi Karanjia

Mrs. Maharukh Chichgar gave subtle insights into ‘life lessons’ through humorous anecdotes and described how her father became a role model for her. She inspired students to never ‘give up’ and ‘fight it out till the end’. She opined that all the life problems could be solved through hearing the ‘inner voice’. She also stressed on friendship and college life, which she thought was the quintessence of a healthy and happy campus life. This was followed by a cameo by Mr. Yazdi Karanjia which was even more entertaining. He started on a light note by confessing that all he had to say was covered by his daughter, but nonetheless will speak because he felt indebted for the ‘Chai’ that he had VC sir’s office. What followed was even more humorous. He gave all important lessons of life through the medium of jokes. It turned out to be one of the most entertaining sessions of the Festival of Learning 2018. Students really had a good time.

Innovation Hour Team AIIC

Ms. Vijayita Prajapati & Prof. Ramana’s session was an icebreaking session towards innovation and creativity. Prof. Ramana introduced to the students the tools of critical, innovative and analytical thinking for becoming an entrepreneur. Students were asked to inculcate the ability to determine the age of a person by one’s thought as a process of chain of thought. Later, Ms. Vijayita formed the students into groups and gave them separate problems. Students were asked to come up with solutions.

Science of Living by Mr. Kaivalya Smart

Mr. Kaivalya Smart, a Member of the Executive Committee of the Sri Aurobindo Society at Pondicherry, asked the thought provoking question like ‘Do you want to drive yourself or be driven?’ Having thus introduced the topic, he discussed the science of living with respect to the terms like ‘Standard of living’ and ‘Quality of life’. He advised the students to ‘Become a better individual than what you were earlier.’ He further advised that they must define ‘success for themselves’ while keeping in mind the ‘success as a person’ – a successful father/mother/son/daughter/friend

Students Approach Towards College Life – Mr. Bhagyesh Jha

Mr. Bhagyesh Jha explained the role and importance of Artificial intelligence (AI) and how it has changed the world, also about TESLA forecasted that in coming year there will be huge reduction in car buying by Americans. He also discussed about integral and transformational learning, 5 formulas(E's) for success- Ethics, Excellence, Education, Environment and Energy. Cited exam of Pranav Mistri, a small town Gujarati boy hired by Bangkok and America as a Cyber security advisor

Indian Ocean – Nikhil Rao

As a lead guitarist for a famous Indian Rock-band, Nikhil started his journey as a musician by exploring guitars on his own in this college days. He gave a scintillating performance on-stage playing a number of solo tracks, a fusion of Indian and Classical music styles.

Anubhavshala by Mr. Deepankar Raina

Mr. Deepankar Raina, a Leadership Consultant and an Organizational Mentor began the session by making the students close their eyes and explore their inner selves. A thread was tied on hands of all the students to celebrate unity & oneness. Then the students were asked to describe their names with one action which they liked the most and which they thought would describe their passion.

Surat Success Stories – Anurag Bhagariya, Dr. Sonal Rochani, Mr. Sohan Kalsariya, Mr. Hardik Desai, RJ Rahil.

The session had 5 speakers from varied fields. Each speaker shared their journey of life and their ideas of success in their respective careers. They tried to motivate the students through personal anecdotes. They also touched upon issues and struggles they faced in their journey.

Entrepreneurial Empowerment by Ms. Shweta Merchant Gandhi

Ms. Shweta Merchant Gandhi the founder and promoter of Happy Minds shared her life story and motivated the students, citing anecdotes and examples.

Water Appreciation – Munibhai Rawal

With a vast reservoir of knowledge in water management, Munibhai impressed upon the students the importance of water for sustenance. He highlighted the value of water in agriculture, ground-water and rainfall. He provided anecdotes to understand the delicate balance between natural resources. He mentioned the alarming state of critical world rivers today. He provided a context for the actual usable water in the natural cyclic systems of planet earth.

Pottery – JuhikaDevi Bhanjdeo

There were tables laid with clay, tiles and cloth. Juhika introduced the clay types and different styles of pottery. Then Ms. Juhikadevi divided the clay and gave each student the activity to kneed the clay like a dough till it becomes dry. Then after the clay was dry, she instructed them to make thin coils and various shapes from these coils.

Creating Identity – Prof. Anil Sinha

Prof. Anil Sinha presented stories of Indian culture with respect to colors, forms, shapes and ideas. He also presented his professional and academic projects, while providing anecdotes for each. The process of design, from initiation to final product was highlighted.

AURO Alumni Success Stories

Alumni interacted with the first year students. They spoke about their time at college and inspired the students to participate in as many activities as possible and excel at their areas of interest. A small interaction session followed between them and the alumni. It was very interesting for all the students present.