Festival of Learning

Festival of Learning 2018- “Integral Inter / actions”

The following workshops were conducted on 31st July i.e. 7th day of Festival of Learning.

Women Issues: Dr. Pooja Nadkarni

Dr. Pooja Nadkarni, Senior Consultant, IVF Specialist and Director at 21st Century Hospitals and IVF centre, and Nimaaya Women’s Centre for Health, Surat, addressed all the girls of new batch. She explained different phases of a female life from birth to death and how to deal with problems associated with those phases. She also educated the students about contraceptive pills, diet and fitness.

Men at work by Ms. Veena Vaishy

Ms. Veena Vaishy began the session by pointing out that everybody has $86,400/- in their wallet, which meant 86400 seconds in each day. Five volunteers were invited as respondents and an activity was conducted to highlight the ‘Time Robbers’. Another activity was conducted as a sequel on ‘Time management’. The most important activities were highlighted amidst other time robbers and finally the students were apprised of the core ones like parents, education, career, values, for instance.

Entrepreneurship: Mr. Kartik Pandya

Mr. Kartik Pandya, Group General Manager, Charutar Arogya Mandal (A Group of Hospitals and Medical Colleges) stressed on the importance of taking risks without fear, and learning from mistakes as a key strategy to become successful. He insisted that the focus should be on solving the existing problems rather than creating new products and services. He concluded the session by advising the students to focus on their strengths and collaborate for overcoming the weaknesses. Few tips were also shared for building a good team.

Mentorship: Monika Suri

Dr. Monika Suri, explained how the Auro mentorship program functions by asking question such as what will be the role of a mentor in their life and what will be the responsibilities of mentors? She involved the students for the discussion on the qualities of a mentor. A video clip was used to convey the message more effectively.

Science of Living by Mr. Kaivalya Smart

Mr. Kaivalya Smart, a Member of the Executive Committee of the Sri Aurobindo Society at Pondicherry, asked the thought provoking question like ‘Do you want to drive yourself or be driven?’ Having thus introduced the topic, he discussed the science of living with respect to the terms like ‘Standard of living’ and ‘Quality of life’. He advised the students to ‘Become a better individual than what you were earlier.’ He further advised that they must define ‘success for themselves’ while keeping in mind the ‘success as a person’ – a successful father/mother/son/daughter/friend

Dance Movement Therapy: Mr. Shankar Hemmady

Mr. Shankar Hemmady, an entrepreneur, technologist, neuroscientist, and mentor at the IIT Bombay, MICA, TISS, associated with the project ‘Happiness in California’, carried out a dance movement therapy session. Mr. Shankar Hemmady explained how dance in any form helps to stay healthy - not just physically but also mentally. He introduced self-realization to students by initiating an activity of random walk and stagnancy. Then he involved the students in many activities relating to dance.

Anubhavshala by Mr. Deepankar Raina

Mr. Deepankar Raina, a Leadership Consultant and an Organizational Mentor began the session by making the students close their eyes and explore their inner selves. A thread was tied on hands of all the students to celebrate unity & oneness. Then the students were asked to describe their names with one action which they liked the most and which they thought would describe their passion.

Entrepreneurial Empowerment’ Ms. Shweta Merchant Gandhi

Ms. Shweta Merchant Gandhi the founder and promoter of Happy Minds delivered a session on ‘Entrepreneurial Empowerment’. She began the session with some interesting icebreaking activities. The students enjoyed and participated well. She shared her life story and motivated the students, citing anecdotes and examples.

Life stories by Rajiv Gandhi

Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, CEO & Managing Director, Hester Lifesciences Ltd., delivered a session on inspiring life stories. He began the session with a narration of his personal and professional life story. Born and educated at Mumbai, grown up amidst a family business of pharmaceutical trading, he re-examined the business ideology and the operating model for innovations. He advised the students to be firm on their principles and moral values.

Psychological Challenges in the VUCA World: Dr. Vikrant Makhija

Dr. Vikrant Makhija, talked about businesses and the challenges faced therein along with the challenges faced in personal life. Followed by a video, he stated about what is VUCA with respect to technological disruption. He shared a fact how we have increased from one homosapien to 3.6 billion; it took 200000 and less than a century to reach 7.2 billion and it will be 10 billion by 2055. Industrial revolution was elaborated upon in this context wherein human development which was erstwhile linear and local but now it is influenced by everyone around.

Geometrical Form: Model Making’ by Mr. Avinash Engineer & Vicky Achnani

Mr. Avinash Engineer and Mr. Vicky Achnani helped the students with the concepts and practice of developing a platonic solid which can be the basis for further exploration into geometrical solids. The session generated a lot of interest among the students.