Festival of Learning

Festival of Learning 2018- “Integral Inter / actions”

The following workshops were conducted on 30th July i.e. 6th day of Festival of Learning.

Global Scenario & India: Mr. Vijay Chauthaiwale

Mr. Vijay Chauthaiwale spoke on India’s foreign policy and cited some cases for the same.

He said that today no superpower enjoys absolute power because power has shifted to other countries as well. He added that foreign policy adopted by the present Indian government has made India a sound economy at the global level.

Career in GPSC: Mr. Himanshu Parekh

Mr. Himanshu Parekh oriented the students on how to enter bureaucracy, how to choose areas of interest. He stressed on picking up suitable qualities and nurturing them to have a good career. He mentioned that being ethical, hardworking and perseverant are the most important qualities to succeed in any career.

Psychological Challenges in the VUCA World: Dr. Vikrant Makhija

Dr. Vikrant Makhija highlighted the psychological analysis of oneself and the environment in which we are. He talked about the pace of change and its implication on the present society.

Personality Development: Mr. Kartik Pandya

Mr. Kartik Pandya emphasized the importance of communicating with peers, friends and family. He explained the importance of an enhanced personality, soft skills in establishing relationships in the professional world.

Zumba: Ms. Jahanvee

A Zumba session was conducted in the supervision of Ms. Jahanvee Ichchhaporia. The session was bifurcated into three parts, warm up, cardio and muscular endurance.

Digital Media: Mr. Shyam Parekh

Mr. Shyam Parekh said that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics have begun replacing the manual mechanisms of the world and are likely to move up at a faster pace. He explained how Virtual Reality (VR) is working in almost all the industries and how the latest technology has evolved in our day to day life.

Dance Movement Therapy: Mr. Shankar Hemmady

Mr. Shankar Hemmady explained how dance in any form helps to stay healthy - not just physically but also mentally. He introduced self-realization to students by initiating an activity of random walk and stagnancy. Then he involved the students in many activities relating to dance.

Designing Life: Mr. Aniket Gupta

Mr. Aniket Gupta discussed various types of thinking such as engineering thinking, business thinking, research thinking and design thinking. He said that passion of an individual leads to success in career. He also helped participants to design their future plans with the help of an activity suggested on how these plans can be accomplished with proper networking and in -depth reading

Anubhavshala: Mr. Deepankar

Mr. Deepankar began the session by making the students close their eyes and explore their inner selves. A thread was tied on hands of all the students to celebrate unity & oneness. Then the students were asked to describe their names with one action which they liked the most and which they thought would describe their passion.

Photography: Mr. Navil Jhaveri

Mr. Navil Jhaveri mentioned the importance of light, focus, correct exposure, contrast and differences between darkest and brightest parts of the picture. He briefed the audience on minimum shutter lag and the depth of field, elements that are required in creation of a story, the distractions and how to avoid them, overlapping of important elements.

Pecha Kucha: Mr. Aniket Gupta

Mr. Gupta, the founder of spaceplexx, first co-working space of Surat, briefed the students about a dynamic presentation format- Pecha Kucha which originated in Japan in 2003 and has spread globally since.

Geometrical Form: Mr. Vicky Achnani & Mr. Avinash Engineer

The fun and interactive session proved to be an icebreaker for everyone, especially the Design School students. The learnt how normal geometric shapes can be so creative, diverse and useful. They also learnt about the installations and different aspects required for the same.

Online Reputation Management: Mr. Chintan Pathak

Mr. Chintan Pathak made students aware of different kinds of cyber offenses, different mobile applications, and their usage and security threats. He stressed on the importance of online reputation management and pros and cons of information sharing on social media platform.

Heritage Walk: Dr. Tanu Narang

Mr. Prakash Hathi and historian Mr. Sanjay Choksi guided the heritage walk organized in collaboration with Dharohar foundation. Two heritage sites visited were: English Cemeteries near Katargam Gate and Dutch Cemeteries in Gulam Street near main road leading to Katargam Gate.