Festival of Learning

Festival of Learning 2018- “Integral Inter / actions”

The following workshops were conducted on 27th July i.e. 5th day of Festival of Learning.

All Leaders are Readers by Mr. Mahadev Desai

Shri Mahadev Desai, Member Board of Governors, and Auro University highlighted the importance of reading for leaders and explained the difference between leadership and management through real-life examples. He emphasized the public awareness on reading habits citing historic Nalanda and contemporary Singapore.

Student Start-up and Innovation Policy@ AURO

Mr. Sandeep Sharma explained the Student Start-up and Innovation Policy of AURO University. Ms. Vijayita Prajapati gave details about various incubation centers across India.

Miniaturizing Plant by Mr. Avinash Engineer

He said in the urban space settings, this is the best means to stay in touch with nature and plants.

Appreciating Poetry by the Hon’ble VC Sir and Dr. Om Dwivedi

The honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. Avadhesh Kumar Singh theorized various aspects and tenets of sublime poetry in a very uncomplicated manner. He said that poetry moves; moves immediately; moves all; at all times, at all places.

Fitness Lab by Mr. Taj

Mr. Taj and his volunteers taught the importance of food in fitness.

Pottery session by Ms. Juhika Devi Bhanjdeo

The pottery session was well received by the students and they enjoyed learning glass painting. The students learned glass painting in this session.

Zumba Session

Mr. Aman Mehta and Ms. Kalpa Kapadia conducted the session in the supervision of Ms. Jahanvee Ichchhaporia, The session was bifurcated into three parts, warm up, cardio and muscular endurance.

Designing of Life by Mr. Aniket Gupta

Mr. Gupta discussed various types of thinking such as engineering thinking, business thinking, research thinking and design thinking. He said that passion of an individual leads to success in career. He also helped participants to design their future plans with the help of an activity suggested on how these plans can be accomplished with proper networking and in -depth reading

Counselling Session by Ms. Veena Vaishy

Ms. Vaishy explained the need to create self- awareness is very high and essential in today’s world for creating peace within oneself.

Workshop @ Sculpture making by Mr. Abhijit Pariyal

The student got introduced to the art of sculpting. They enjoyed making sculpture. The session kept them quite occupied and made them learn the art of sculpting.

Table Etiquettes by Mr. Sumant Sharma

Mr. Sharma elaborately taught dinning etiquettes with students

Health Hazards due to mobile towers and precautions by Mr. Prakash Munshi

Mr. Munshi made the audience aware of the hazards of excessive and inappropriate use of the mobile phones and also suggested precautions while using the same.

Pecha Kucha by Mr. Aniket Gupta

Mr. Gupta, the founder of spaceplexx, Surat’s first co-working space, briefed the students about a dynamic presentation format- Pecha Kucha which originated in Japan in 2003 and has spread globally since.

Pasta & Plating by Chef Manan.

Students learnt about different types of pasta and How to make pasta sauce and plate it.

Mr. Binesh Desai – the Recycle Man of India

Mr. Binesh Desai – the Recycle Man of India - shared his entrepreneurial journey. He discussed about waste and its commercial possibilities, social impact of waste management etcetera.

Mentorship Program by Dr. Monika Suri

Dr. Suri explained how the mentorship program of the AURO university functions.