Festival of Learning

Festival of Learning 2018- “Integral Inter / actions”

The following workshops were conducted on 26th July i.e. fourth day of Festival of Learning.

  • Health Hazards due to radiation of mobile phones and towers by Mr. Prakash Munshi. He made the audience aware of the hazards of excessive and inappropriate use of the mobile phones and also suggested precautions while using the same.
  • Ferrero Rocher to Ferrari by Mr. Jaydeep Desai talked about the international brands, figures and architectures of Italy
  • Prof. P. J. Patel, former Vice-Chancellor of S. P. Unitversity, Vallabh Vidyanagar talked about what education is, the difference between higher education and further education and the state of higher education in Gujarat.
  • Mr. Sudip Datta provided information about BSI in his session in the Moot Court.
  • Life @ AURO was conducted Dean Academics Dr. Rohit Singh, Registrar Prof. Ajay Kumar Yadav, Controller of Examination Mr. Kumar Kaushik and the Librarian Mr. C.Vitthal.
  • Dr. Monika Suri in her session on the Mentorship Program of the AURO University, started with introduction of mentor-mentee program. She talked about how will be your mentor and what are the things he/she will take care of yourself. Some of the other points covered were- What will be the role of mentor in your life? What will be the responsibilities of mentee towards the mentor? She involved the students for the discussion on the qualities of mentor. Students were involved to discuss the qualities of mentor one by one viz. A good listener, motivator, make feel comfortable, trust worthy, good sense of humour, understandable, positive thinker, openness, supportive, advisor, don’t be bias and should not be judgmental. In this session one of the students discussed his personal problem with Dr. Suri. Mam Suri handled his personal query very actively and patiently. After completing this session, Dr. Suri arrange meeting of this student to Ms. Veena Vasi Mam. Session was very interactive.
  • Tic-tac-toe session was fun with learning. When you open the last page of any student’s book, you will find this game there. Today also, students played tic-ac-toe with their professors at AURO but with a twist. It was a combination of business quiz with the game. The students thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Pecha-kucha session was organised by Aniket Gupta, the founder of spaceplexx, Surat’s first co-working space. He briefed the students about a dynamic presentation format- pecha kucha. This format originated in Japan in 2003 and has spread globally since. Each presentation lasts just 6 mins and 40 secs, thereby focussing on the presentation to be concise targeted and creative. He has covered about what is decision, scientific way to take decision, discuss about rational and rational decision making
  • Dr. Santosh Kumar’s session was all about the art and science of human decision making. In this session he covered about what is decision, scientific way to take decision and a discussion about rational and rational decision making. Educating the students about the 4 R’s of decision making, he talked about the factors influencing a decision.
  • Ms. Veena Vaishy, a trained Psychologist conducted a session focussed on understanding self and others. The need to create self- awareness is very high and essential in today’s world for creating peace within oneself. Students interacted and got involved in various self and team building activities to reflect and understand the dynamics of their own emotions, behaviour and feelings while dealing with others. The students left an impression of their own unique identity with beautiful colours as feedback and commitment to be unique and special.
  • Continuing with the psychological analysis of oneself and the environment around us, Dr.Vikrant Makhija took a session on the topic “Psychological Challenges in the VUCA World”. He highlighted the pace of change and its implication on the present society.
  • In the Art and Craft workshop of Ms. Juhika, students explored their own body forms by tracing their partner’s body gestures and poses on to paper and overlapping the same. After getting the abstract forms, the students made different visuals in varied forms.
  • Mr. Abhijeet Pariyal organised a workshop on the sculpture making where students tried their hands on making sculptures using different materials under the guidance of the trainer.
  • Students also tried to develop some baking skills with Ms. Amita in her session while Mr. Sumant Sharma trained the students with the table ettiquetes.

The day concluded with the Campus tour of the newly admitted students.