Festival of Learning

Festival of Learning 2018- “Integral Inter / actions”

The following workshops were conducted on 25th July i.e. third day of Festival of Learning.

1. History of Surat by Prof. Rizwan Kadri
2. Gender Equality by Dr. Ami Yagnik
3. Yoga Session by Mr. Devi Prasad
4. Integral Leadership by Dr. Saikat Sen
5. Tic Tac Toe by Dr. Rohini Bhatt
6. Dramatics by Mr. Kapildev Shukla
7. Arts and Craft by Ms. Juhika Devi
8. Yoga Session by Mr. Devi Prasad
9. Ajrak Art by Khatari Mohammed Amin, Ms. Prunal and Ms. Krishna Shastri.
10. Experiencing Music by Mr. Bhagirath Goswami