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From The Desk of The Chairman – Board of Management

AURO University is a very special place. The university is grounded in values and opens to the world.

It is dedicated to the full or integral development of students and indeed of the whole community. Integral development means, of course, the development of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person’s being.

At the recently concluded World Economic Forum in the Davos, Switzerland, which is a preeminent gathering spot of world leaders, it was stated that in five years or a third of the skills that are deemed important in the workforce will change. Among the top 10 skills that will be required is creativity, people management, coordinating with others, emotional intelligence, and a service orientation. None of these skills is effectively taught in universities. To address these issues, drawing upon the deep storehouse of wisdom that has long existed in India, we have drawn up a course which is unique to AURO University called “Science of Living”. Here we share with students, concepts, knowledge and experiential practices that will help them unfold their full potential. Another unique course “Foundations of Indian Culture” is designed to help produce individuals who are confident of their Indian identity and yet prepared to engage with the world. To teach these courses we have some of finest people in the country – academics, theatre people, and leaders coming together to create a learning environment like no other.

AURO University has also started assembling a first rate globally oriented, academic leadership team to take it to the front rank of universities. It is addressing every key aspect of university functioning including curriculum design, faculty development and recruitment and research.

Our infrastructure is world class. Our working, hostel and sports facilities are being developed to provide an environment suitable for inquiry and contemplation of the highest caliber. Here you will find tree lined pathways, the fragrance of flowers and stars at night.

It is the perfect place to develop your potential.

We welcome you to join AURO!